“Standing Up For The Rights Of Victims”
C  R  I  M  E  F  I  G  H  T  E  R  S

“We’re fed up with crime…and we’re doing something about it”-Irv Magri Criminologist and retired NOPD Detective and supervisor



CRIMEFIGHTERS is Louisiana’s largest pro bono victim’s rights organization.  We are dedicated to boldly speaking out for victims of violence and will do everything within our legal power to make sure that violent criminals are brought to face with the consequences of their actions.  We will never, never give up our fight to seriously reduce violent crime and bring those perpetrators who commit these felonies to justice.


CRIMEFIGHTERS works to make sure all crime victims and their families get the assistance and information they need. We work to improve services for victims and assist in their emotional, financial, and physical recovery. When a case is accepted by CRIMEFIGHTERS, we off the victims the following services from within our organization


  • Free Legal Services to help guide the victim through the legal process
  • Free Court Watcher to stay informed on the proceedings
  • Free Medical Services to help with any injuries that may have occurred
  • Free Psychological Services to help the victim cope with the trauma


CRIMEFIGHTERS strongly supports local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in their fight to keep our streets safe. We also strongly support our local District Attorneys and Federal Prosecutors in their constant battle against crime.


CRIMEFIGHTERS is strictly pro bono (FREE) organization. There are no dues, fees or costs of any nature.  There are absolutely no salaries paid to any members.  Donations are accepted, however not from the actual victim of a crime. CRIMEFIGHTERS accomplishes its mission through support from private and corporate foundations, and individual contributions.


CRIMEFIGHTERS opens its membership to all law-abiding citizens regardless of race, religion or national origin. Membership is absolutely free.  Because we work to advance victims’ rights through public policy efforts, new members are required to become registered voters within 90 days of joining. We understand that the best way to affect policy in our criminal justice system is through the ballot box.  We pride ourselves on holding very large and open debates for candidates seeking public office and encourage members to ask probing questions of the candidates at these debates.



We love Louisiana and are committed to strongly assisting our criminal justice system in making our great state safer by representing victims very boldly and effectively within the framework of the law. CRIMEFIGHTERS continues to grow strongly in its membership throughout Louisiana. We urge all citizens and victims to join our ranks so that we can convince our State Legislators and other elected officials of the seriousness of violent crime in the Pelican State.


We urge all interested citizens that truly want to make Louisiana a better and safer state to join our ranks by joining here. CRIMEFIGHTERS needs and wants your support and membership in this noble and much needed effort. Again, membership is absolutely free!


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